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Eternal Pencil Set

Eternal Pencil Set

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The Eternal Pencil is great for everyday use. With an HB tip at 0.5mm, the Eternal Pencil is standard thickness and darkness. The special graphite nib doesn't wear or break easily and leaves markings on paper similar to those made by regular pencils. It's easy to write and erase, it doesn't require sharpening. Use it in your daily planner, draw or jot down notes at work or school.

[Specification]: 12 piece per pack eternal pencil set

[Pencil Length]: approx. 15cm

[Lead Size]: 0.5mm 

[Lead Hardness]: HB

[Material]: Plastic 

[Weight]: approx. 120g

[Colour]: Variable

*Eternal refers to comparison of durability to lead pencils - is not literally infinite.

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