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Kaco Cute Retractable Gel Pen Set

Kaco Cute Retractable Gel Pen Set

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These five-piece Kaco gel pen sets have 0.5mm tips, making for a smooth, precise writing experience. The ink is well pigmented, with a smooth and consistent flow.

Each pen body is made from ABS plastic that's comfortable to hold and has a round shape that feels great in your hand as you write.

We know how hard it can be to find good gel pens out there—especially cute ones! But luckily, this set has everything you need: high-quality gel ink, smooth writing performance, consistent ink flow, staple, well-pigmented colours… and the best part is that it comes in six different colour sets! Plus, they're retractable so you can keep them safe in your bag or pencil case and carry them around without worry.

[Specification]: 5 piece per pack Kaco gel pen set

[Pen Size]: approx. 145mm

[Pen Point]: 0.5mm

[Ink Colour]: Coloured/Black

[Weight]: approx. 8.4g/pc

[Material]: ABS

[Colour]: Variable

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